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October 12, 2008

home in Pasadena

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The multicolored graininess is intentional. The idea is to tie-dye my face. The result is over a dozen self-portraits photographed by the turreted webcam of my Nokia n800 Linux PDA at various locations, such as Art Center College of Design, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and Yoko Ono’s Wish Tree installation.

All of the digital photos were taken during ArtNight last Thursday.

I recommend the slide show.


May 25, 2008

the da vinci area code

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This is part two of the blue phone.

Here it is in full sunshine on a breezy spring day.

The color still isn’t quite right. It’s a little better than before. Eventually I’ll learn how to use the digital camera with Photoshop.

I haven’t fiddled with the composition at all. The same is true of the earlier pictures.

The phone is a work in progress. Took hours of Googling to find an aqua handset cord. Fifteen bucks plus shipping! Expensive. Locating parts can be an ordeal. It’s oddly reminiscent of dealing with The Phone Company. Most of you are too young to remember. Lucky souls.

You never know what you’ll encounter on the web. Someone has bothered to print an assortment of perfect replica dial cards for rotary phones. These are quite a bargain.

Unfortunately, you have to remove the dial from the phone to insert the dial card! The method for doing this is more complicated than a Masonic handshake. It involves a bent paperclip and turning the dial clockwise so far that breaking it seems a certainty. All that effort just to insert a little circular piece of cardboard with your phone number on it!

I miss The Phone Company.

try again

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The weather has been lovely and springlike in southern California since Friday afternoon when I posted this dire message about last week’s heavy weather in Riverside.

In a few minutes I’ll go into the back yard and take pictures of an old phone.

the blue phone

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These snapshots reveal my amateurish ignorance about digital photography, and that my room needs repainting. The most significant revelation is that pets are more fun to photograph than old telephones. That’s Momo taking it easy on the easy chair.

The phone is a bright, warm and greenish blue in reality. It’s not cold and washed out like in this picture.

The honey colored wood of the dining room table isn’t nearly that dark or reddish. The settings of my Canon A530 camera were supposed to compensate for indoor lighting. I’ll take more pictures tomorrow during the day.

The second shot was taken with no flash.

The blue phone is a thirty year old Western Electric model 500. Its actual color may be Aqua, Turquoise or Seafoam, or some combination of the three.

It’s definitely a work in progress. Don’t laugh. Remember the 200 year old Volkswagen bug in Woody Allen’s Sleeper? It’s similar. I rescued it from a niece when she was a toddler. She was dragging it across the floor by the line cord. Not her fault. It does look like a toy. She recently graduated from high school, incidentally.

You would not have recognized this dark beige Stromberg Carlson model 2500 before it was serviced. It was covered with dust and grime. I wondered if the plastic covering the keypad was permanently faded. It wasn’t.

My parents bought the phone in 1981, when they were both fifty one years old. The same age that I am now.

So far I’ve done very little to refurbish these phones. An outfit not far from where I live named Preferred Telecomm deserves the credit.

I’d purchase a stunningly beautiful custom-made Art Deco phone from an even more amazing outfit named Telephone Creations if I had lots of money.

At least I can afford to be owned by a cat.

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