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September 23, 2008

the trillion dollar hustle

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Synonyms for hustle include: Bunko, con, flimflam, and sting.

Definitions of hustle include:
1. To make someone act quickly.
2. To act aggressively, especially in business dealings.
3. To swindle.

Synonyms for hustler include: Operator, opportunist, self-seeker, and wire-puller.

Definitions of hustler include:
1. A shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties.
2. A person who places expediency above principle.
3. One who uses secret influence for his own ends.


This is the biggest con since the Iraq invasion in 2003.

Cheney told Dick Armey that Saddam was going to give terrorists miniature atomic bombs that could be hidden in luggage. Armey said in an interview that he “deserves better than to be bullshitted by the Vice President.”

Is bullshitted a synonym for hustled? You might call Cheney’s bogus case for invading Iraq the Vice Precedent of the United States.

Some expert recently said that the U.S. government may actually turn a profit on the bailout eventually. It’s a talking point. It’s a keeper.

Iraq paid for the U.S. occupation of their country. With their oil revenues. Sure they did.

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill blew the whistle on neocons who openly planned to invade Iraq months before 9/11. Has anyone bothered to ask O’Neill what he thinks of the bailout proposal?

Why put so much money and power in the paws of a Bush cabinet member? Treasury Secretary Paulson’s demand of zero accountability to the U.S. Congress showed chutzpah that would have made Rumsfeld blush. Was Paulson intentionally making an impossible demand so that Bush could blame the Democrats for inaction? Or what?

Paulson’s insistence on being above judicial oversight defied the U.S. Constitution so dizzyingly that the architects of GITMO must have swooned. He clearly craves power. He’s acting like the corporate executive character that Ronny Cox played in Robocop.

Checks and balances? The checks are bouncing and the balances are all overdrawn. Congress and the courts are lame if they give dictatorial powers to a lame duck.

Bottom line: Is the USA a subprime loan? Foreign banks funding the National Debt want to know.


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