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July 29, 2008

did you feel it?

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I did.

Also the 1994 Northridge and 1971 Sylmar earthquakes, and numerous aftershocks and lesser known quakes in Southern California.

Experienced one in the San Francisco Bay Area back in 1980. Missed the cruelest quake there, which hit just hours before a 1989 World Series game between the Giants and Oakland Athletics was to be played. Talk about a party pooper.

None of these can compare with the great Alaska earthquake of 1964. I’m glad I missed that. It was a Big One.

“The strong ground motion reported in the Anchorage area lasted about 4-5 minutes which triggered many avalanches and landslides […]. Ground deformations were extensive with some areas east of Kodiak being raised by 30 feet and areas about Portage being dropped by 8 feet […].”

“The 1964 earthquake caused 115 deaths in Alaska alone, with 106 of these due to tsunamis which were generated by tectonic uplift of the sea floor […].”

If the population density had been greater, casualties would have been much higher.

Dare to prepare.


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