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July 1, 2008

mischief stickers

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You can buy stickers at the EFF store that can be affixed to your telephone. Seven bucks.

The aqua blue model 500 phone has to go back to the shop on warranty. The rotary dial mechanism isn’t working smoothly.

There is some discoloration on the shell/housing/case of the Stromberg Carlson model 2500 ranging from pinkish to dark tan. I’m presently rationalizing that the discoloration gives the phone “character.” Besides, it took me nearly a month to notice it. Is a houseguest going to look at my phone closely enough to notice it? No. Am I right?

You’d notice it because I just told you about it.

I could get a new shell/housing/case, and a new faceplate, and a new handset with cord from Five Star. I could mix and match colors like baby blue and transparent pink. The phone wouldn’t look very digified in my living room if I did that.


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