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June 30, 2008

rrring! rrring! rrring!

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Are you old enough to remember the sound of a double gong ringer?

Cortelco still manufactures a few model 2500 telephones in their Corinth, Mississippi factory. They also made rotary dial phones there until just a few years ago. However, most Cortelco telephones are manufactured offshore.

Walker, a subsidiary of Plantronics, sells a secret weapon for $25 that will make you sound a lot better on a model 2500 telephone. They’ll even sell you an entire replacement handset if you’re crazy enough to pay $45 for it. It’s the pinnacle of refinement for a type of telephone that I’d thought was obsolete until I started researching the subject.

A surprising number of model 2500s are still being manufactured these days. Most of them are made in China. They will work in a power blackout. If you’re sick to death of programming your telephone, consider getting one.


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