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June 1, 2008

worth every penny

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I’ve got some free advice for NBC. Why not show all of your content on a single nationwide cable / satellite channel? The Today Show in the morning, and then the whole daytime schedule, and prime time, and the Tonight Show, and everything else.

Anyone in the U.S. with cable or satellite TV could watch NBC programming. NBC could sell advertising slots directly. No middleman.

I’m not saying that NBC should get rid of their affiliate broadcast stations. Most people would probably continue watching their local NBC station out of habit. But cable/ satellite viewers would have a choice.

Is there some reason why doing such a thing is impossible? Please forgive my ignorance.

A new NBC channel could be formed simply by merging CNBC and MSNBC into a single channel. The channel formerly known as CNBC would then become the new NBC channel.

MSNBC could then show CNBC programming during business hours and MSNBC programming most of the rest of the time.

There might be enough content for a single decent channel if you combined CNBC and MSNBC. But probably not. The whole weekend schedule would probably still consist of Reality TV documentaries set in U.S. prisons. Sad.

I’d be tempted to combine all three of the aforementioned channels into a single super channel. However, there would be a major scheduling conflict. The Today Show would conflict with Squawk on the Street.


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