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April 25, 2008

this could be the last time

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This blog might not last very long.

A recent series of posts in Ian Kallen’s What’s That Noise? blog are quite an eye-opener.

Blog items such as “WordPress Pandemic Chronicles” and “Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation About The WordPress Exploits and Spam” and “Stature In The Blogosphere (Or Open Source) Is Not Immunity” and “The WordPress Security Cancer” worry me.

Installed WordPress 2.5 yesterday and spent hours tweaking the templates. WordPress 2.5.1 was released today. On a Friday. Have a nice weekend. Good luck trying to contact support at your ISP.

Here’s what I read in the official blog.

“If you are interested only in the security fixes, you can download these corrected copies of wp-includes/pluggable.php, wp-admin/includes/media.php, and wp-admin/media.php. Replace your existing copies of these files with these new copies.”

After doing this, I got the following notice when I tried to log in to my blog as admin.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare media_upload_tabs() (previously declared […]

Fortunately, I’d backed up the old files, which I reinstalled after deleting the new ones. Then I could log on as admin. However, my blog is presumably still vulnerable to exploits.

I’m thinking about switching to dot mac. Lack of support for PHP and MySQL at dot mac is starting to look like a positive feature. Frequent WordPress security fixes have become tiresome.

I recently learned that dot mac can support my domain name.


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