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April 1, 2008

the Elvis touch

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I’m an iBand groupie. I can’t wait until Marina is in town on tour. Her fingers are playing piano on this video at YouTube.

There’s already a parody of iBand at YouTube. And there’s already a parody of the parody. Sophomoric.

The recording studio of the future for Apple’s iPod Touch isn’t here yet. But I predict that it will arrive on the podcasting scene real soon now. Just imagine… Podcasting with an iPod. Droll.

I think that the iPod Touch will be the killer mobile recording studio because its iPhone OS has the same Darwin guts as Mac OS X. The recent release of the iPhone SDK seals the deal.

Belkin’s $250 TuneStudio for classic, nano and some video iPods leaves much to be desired in the mobility department. That’s really what it looks like. I didn’t throw that picture together in Photoshop as an April Fools Day joke.

The Macally iVoiceIII is cheaper at fifty bucks. And it’s a lot smaller. It’s a tiny ode to the Elvis microphone of the Fifties that looks defiantly retro attached to an iPod. For the rebel Elvis in every podcaster. It includes a mini-jack for an external microphone.

While I’m on the subject of the Shure 55SH Series II dynamic Elvis microphone… I’m tempted to plug one of ’em into an ART Tube MP Project Series USB preamp, and then plug the USB preamp into my Mac mini running GarageBand. The mike costs about $175, the preamp is a hundred bucks.

But I digress.


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