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March 27, 2008


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Sir Arthur C. Clarke was scheduled to conduct a teleconference from Sri Lanka during the upcoming Eaton Conference. Unfortunately, he died earlier this month.

His passing made the timing of NASA’s threatened cuts to the Mars Rover program especially bad. Happily, it would seem that wiser heads have prevailed at NASA. The plucky and cute Spirit has been spared to rove another day.

The Mars Rovers have got competition in the plucky and cute category. This small robot has a puppy-like body with a head that’s a Nokia n800 Linux PDA just like mine. The robopup is operated by remote control with another Nokia n800. The robopup has a friend with a Nokia 770 head.

However, robot pups are no substitute for the real thing. A chihuahua can make some stranger’s travel photos at Flickr worth viewing.

I’m sure that Sir Arthur would have agreed with me. He had a pet chihuahua.


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