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August 21, 2007

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Children left behind
[Washington Post] 
Kurds on the brink
San Quentin murals
[New York Times] 

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TPC will love this one

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The Phone Company will love this one.

A Berlin prosecutor has accused a German sociologist of conspiring with terrorists in part because “he did not take his mobile phone” to meetings with them.

Your iPhone, please.

Your iPhone is not in order.

comment to Harry’s blog

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My comment about a recent item in Harry Shearer’s blog at the Huffington Post… 

Megan Greenwell of the Washington Post covered the Oxfam report on July 30. Peter Rothberg of The Nation wrote the following words on July 31. 

¤ Four million Iraqis–15 percent–cannot buy enough to eat. 

¤ 70 percent are without adequate water supplies, compared to 50 percent in 2003. 

¤ 28 percent of children are malnourished, compared to 19 percent before the invasion. 

¤ 92 percent of Iraqi children suffer learning problems. 

¤ 43 percent of Iraqis live in “absolute poverty,” earning less than one dollar a day. 

¤ More than two million people have been displaced inside Iraq. 

¤ A further two million Iraqis have become refugees, mainly in Syria and Jordan.

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