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August 4, 2007

not in the flesh

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“Hey you, standing in the aisles 
With itchy feet and fading smiles” – Pink Floyd 

The two most poignant blog items weren’t about the Yearly Kos convention that ended in Chicago on Saturday evening.
“The Congress is at the threshold of a major capitulation on FISA.”
¤ There is something fundamentally wrong here
 [Daily Kos] 

“I’ve done 107 hours in the office so far this week–it can be done, especially if you start the week with a 43 hour meal and sleep free marathon. This comes at the end of an 18 month project where 80 hour weeks have been common. So if the folks camped out in Congress are tired after working a longer than normal session, they have my sympathy. What they don’t have is a pass to sign anything that will get them out of town.”
¤ Stop Being Characters in Their Story
 [Daily Kos] 

There was some bad news at the convention, too.
¤ Clinton: “Yes I Will” Continue To Accept Lobbyists’ Money
 [Huffington Post] 

¤ Hillary defends lobbyists, bombs debate
 [The Politico] 

¤ Revisiting the Heated Debate Exchange on Lobbying
 [The Caucus] 

However, not all of the news was bad. Major newspapers covered the event in their blogs.
¤ The Democratic Debate (Live blog)
 [The Caucus – New York Times] 

¤ Kos Presidential Forum: Highs and Lows
 [The Fix – Washington Post] 

¤ Dispatches from the YearlyKos convention
 [Hendrik Hertzberg – The New Yorker] 

An item in the New Yorker blog was mentioned in another blog.
“One of Hertzberg’s posts there ends with a lament that there’s no revolution in the air at the YearlyKos convention in Chicago. I had a different experience by getting away from the grand McCormick Place convention center where the Kossaks are meeting. Being a Vietnam veteran in addition to blogging, I spent Friday evening with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.”
¤ Vietnam Vets also convening in Chicago
 [Miami-Dade Dems] 

The Yearly Kos will be renamed the Netroots Nation convention next year. This thing has grown too big for its founder to run.
¤ Kos Founder on the State of the Netroots Nation
 [The Caucus] 

Adios from Riverside, California. Sorry I couldn’t make it to Chicago. See you again next year.


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