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August 1, 2007

welcome back UPI

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Tim Graham described Helen Thomas as the “long-time scourge of Republican presidents as UPI White House correspondent” recently in his blog.

I’m fifty, which means that I’m old enough to remember when United Press International rivaled Associated Press.

Helen Thomas left UPI in 2000. They seemed like a goner to me back then. On a whim, I checked out their website yesterday. UPI is anything but a goner. They’re kicking AP’s ass.

Here are some news items that I hadn’t come across anywhere else on the web.

¤ Nuclear waste spill linked to water line

“U.S. officials say a spill of high-level radioactive waste in Washington state was traced to a water line not intended for such hazardous sludge.”

This happened at the notorious Hanford Nuclear Reservation last week. The most toxic ‘strange brew’ of waste products on the planet is in containment there. It’s the legacy of the Cold War–the rush to mount atomic warheads on ICBMs.

¤ Concerned Scientists criticize nuke plant

“The Union of Concerned Scientists is upset over U.S. plans to build a plutonium processing plant without consulting the International Atomic Energy Agency.”

I hope that the UN Security Council doesn’t enact punitive sanctions against the United States.

¤ Physicist says humans cause global warming

“A German physicist said a statistical analysis has strengthened the evidence that human activities are causing global temperatures to rise.”

But what does he know?

¤ Tropical storm drenches Newfoundland

“More than 1 foot of rain fell on southeastern Newfoundland as Chantal, no longer a tropical storm but still packing a punch, swept past Wednesday.”

A tropical depression in coastal eastern Canada. It’s now headed towards Iceland. So this is the 21st century.

Anyway, I’m off to watch Chantal on the Weather Channel.

I’ve added several of UPI’s RSS feeds to my Google Reader… I’ll share news items that I find interesting with you from now on.


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