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July 23, 2007

weird weather in Europe

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Most Americans know about the flooding in England, which has been described as the worst in sixty years.

Fewer Americans know about the heat wave in southern Europe.

“Spain, Italy and France are experiencing droughts that are measuring up to become the worst on record.” So says the London Observer.

Drought and flooding at the same time. Weird.

Temperatures in excess of 110 degrees Fahrenheit are not uncommon.

Bruce Sterling is teaching summer university classes in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He’s posting to his Wired blog about the heat wave.

In addition to being a university professor and a cyberpunk author, he’s also the founder of the Viridian design movement.

Wikipedia says The name was chosen to refer to a shade of green that does not quite look natural, indicating that the movement is about innovative design and technology, in contrast with the “leaf green” of traditional environmentalism. The movement ties together environmental design, techno-progressivism, and global citizenship.


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