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July 13, 2007

bubble boy goes home

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Didn’t make it to the R. Crumb exhibit in San Francisco. Didn’t make it to the WELL annual summer picnic.

While driving at a speed of about 65 miles per hour on Sunday, I nearly rear-ended the car in front of mine. There was a sudden and unexpected traffic jam on the 80 freeway when it fed into the Bay Bridge. Thing is, I didn’t want to go onto the Bay Bridge. I had no choice.

The nice man at the tollbooth instructed me to turn around on Treasure Island and head back towards Oakland. Treasure Island is a groove. It’s the most scenic spot in the whole Bay Area. Some entrepreneur like Donald Trump should build a skyscraper hotel there. A spectacular view of San Francisco.

It was a picture perfect day on Treasure Island. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it much. I was preoccupied with getting back onto the Bay Bridge intact, which I just barely did.

The heart-pumping adrenaline in my system sent me into a long rant. In this age of the cell phone, my SO in Riverside was the unfortunate recipient of the rant.

After floundering around for awhile looking for the campsite where the WELL picnic was being held, I quit trying to find the campsite and pressed on to Santa Rosa.

Synchronicity. There was an article on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle the next day about the worst freeway bottlenecks in the Bay Area.


Sausalito looks like another planet. I’ve been to Europe, Canada, Mexico and a few other places–Sausalito is the most alien-looking town I’ve ever seen anywhere. To borrow a phrase from Phil Austin, it looks “weirdly cool.” I entered from the south and drove along the waterfront.

Didn’t take any pictures on this trip. Sorry! I’ll take pictures next time. I’m planning to attend the WELL’s annual cookoff at Berkeley Marina in October.


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