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June 19, 2007

only in America

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“This is your brain on news.”

Harry Shearer wrote those words in his Huffington Post blog.

He wonders why CNN is unwilling or unable to “distinguish substance from substance abuse.” CNN covers the superficial Paris Hilton story far more extensively than it reports on New Orleans.

His prime target of scorn is anchor Anderson Cooper. For example… “It’s almost as if, despite his touted many visits to the city, everything [John Edwards] knows about New Orleans he learned from Anderson Cooper.”

The following opinions are NOT those of Harry Shearer. The following opinions are MINE.

Believe it or not, CNN has the potential to become the best multimedia news organization in the world. I think that CNN could surpass the overall quality of the vaunted BBC World Service with little additional effort. They could start doing it tomorrow. All that’s required is the will to do it.

Unfortunately, poor management decisions have largely squandered CNN’s huge potential. Only the United States is capable of such epic waste. Not the British, not the European Union, not the entire rest of world combined could sustain such a high level of wastefulness.

An example of CNN’s potential for excellence is Your World Today, which is scheduled at noon ET every weekday–except when it’s occasionally interrupted by live coverage of an undeserving U.S. news story like the Paris Hilton train wreck.

If I were in charge at CNN, hard news would be covered 24/7 by live anchors in London, Hong Kong and Atlanta. Sadly, I’m not in charge at CNN. I’m not a consultant there, I’m not an employee, I’m not even an unpaid intern.

All I can do is Just Say No to viewing yet another episode of ‘Fear Factor in L.A. County Jail’ starring a celebrity victim. Who’s next? Nicole Ritchie? No thanks. Watch the hand, Anderson Cooper.

I’ll check out what’s happening on the web instead.


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