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June 2, 2007

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Empty beehives a metaphor
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Iraq Veterans Against the War
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Talkin’ ’bout my demographic
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Pentagon FUBAR

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Former U.S. Marine Sergeant Adam Kokesh is a blogger. He’s also an activist member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Be sure to watch this Washington Post video of their protests. You’ll have to sit through a 30 second commercial before the news video starts. Worth it.

“Kokesh is part of the Individual Ready Reserve, a segment of the reserves that consists mainly of those who have left active duty but still have time remaining on their eight-year military obligations.” His “IRR status ends June 18.” So says the Associated Press. The Marine Corps cleverly decided to take advantage of this loophole. They threatened Kokesh and several others with “other than honorable” discharges from the IRR.

The national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars told the Marine Corps to chill.

The Pentagon gets over half a trillion dollars in the Federal Budget next year. The pork fat is stored in their heads, it would seem.

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