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May 21, 2007

internet radio at risk

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“The music industry is going through a radical change right now, due to technology changes and other issues, and it isn’t quite clear what the next equilibrium outcome will be. The revenue, marketing, and distribution models are all changing and what they will finally evolve into isn’t yet set in stone. There’s no inevitable outcome” says an Eschaton blog item. In it is a link to the Future of Music Coalition.

Not just the future of music is up for grabs. Murrow Award recipient Jay Allison posits that the net is ideal for public radio. The spoken word in the public interest.

In Peter Rothberg’s blog at The Nation is an entry about the uncertain future of internet radio.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation recommends an organization called SaveNetRadio.

UPDATE: Small webcasters get a temporary reprieve. So says the EFF.


the last Democrat (part 4)

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Part four of the last Democrat.

The political blog of The New York Times published a bio of Bill Richardson today. The NYT’s front page covered Richardson’s formal announcement of his candidacy in the upcoming Democratic Party presidential primaries.

the tackboard (v.0.2.17)

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Congressional subpoena explained
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Solar-powered catamaran crosses Atlantic
Professional stalker is 100% legit

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