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May 4, 2007

not too late for Harry?

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There’s still seemingly a tiny shred of hope that Harry Shearer might get the weekday morning time slot that Don Imus used to occupy on MSNBC.

MSNBC has been giving various personalities one week tryouts. It was Tucker Carlson’s turn this week. Ugh. His performance on live television is the proctologist’s textbook example of a hopeless case of irritable bowel syndrome. He doesn’t even wear a bowtie anymore.

One week of Harry Shearer in the morning on MSNBC would be priceless even if he ultimately didn’t get the gig.

UPDATE: Another alum of Saturday Night Live worthy of consideration is Dennis Miller. He had a show on MSNBC that tanked because it was a watered-down clone of Politically Incorrect. His co-host was a chimp. That was the show’s most memorable innovation. Let Dennis be Dennis if he’s the replacement of Imus in the morning. Free advice and worth every penny.

UPDATE 2: Dennis Miller is the Philosopher Clown. More about that later. Larry Elder will be warming the seat formerly occupied by Don Imus at MSNBC as of Monday, May 7. We’ll see if he passes the audition.


the tackboard (v.0.1.73)

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GIMP on Apple X11

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Doodle using Gimp.

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