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April 17, 2007

making the world safe for SUVs

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John Roberts of CNN interviewed his own son’s best high school friend who is currently a student at Virginia Tech. The interview was conducted on the campus. This instilled feelings of empathy for the understandable concerns of parents. The rest of the news media coverage has been the usual gathering of buzzards.

My family lived in Virginia during the first eight years of my life. I graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Class of 1982. The 34th Annual Comet Kohoutek Music and Arts Festival on the Pitzer campus is scheduled for this weekend. Guess I’ll pass on it. The Blue Meanies have defeated the Season of Spring yet again.

That said, I’m more worried about a major earthquake than a random shooting spree here in California–even though we get plenty of “collateral damage” from gang driveby shootings. The natural disaster in New Orleans–and the U.S. government’s unnaturally bad reaction to it–weighs heavily on my mind. It could happen here.

There’s no tragedy that the Department of Homeland Security can’t make immeasurably worse. The Virginia Tech shootings will do to college campuses what 9/11 did to airports.

Universities in the U.S. will become a flashpoint for protest if the military draft returns. This time around, there won’t be nearly as many of the “off-campus agitators” that the Nixon Administration complained about so bitterly during the Vietnam War.

Lockdown whenever the Department of Homeland Security deems it necessary will become the norm in the dorm.

UPDATE: Rep. John Murtha said “If the president insists on continuing the current operational tempo and policy, then he should call for a military draft.”

His point was that the volunteer U.S. military has been wrecked by Bush–who should take responsibility–and not just dump the problem on his successor.

However, Murtha may have inadvertently made the idea of bringing back the military draft a little easier for the public to swallow.

That said, I’m not ready to put a put a bumper sticker on my car that says Murtha Don’t You Come Around Here Anymore… yet.


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