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April 17, 2007

for the bozos

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“I was hangin’ wit’ my homies at da Stata MIT” – Stu Dent

Richard Stallman argued against the use of ID cards to unlock doors at the Computer Science and other buildings at MIT in 2004.

The MIT ID Card System: Analysis and Recommendations says: “The use of [Radio-Frequency ID] technology drew quick outcry from members of the MIT community who questioned the security of such a system, one of the most outspoken of whom is Richard M. Stallman, founder of the GNU project and now resident in building 32. Stallman questions both the security of RFID cards against rogue readers and the dangers to privacy that could arise from tracking RFID cards. Despite the concerns raised by community members, RFID chips are now included standard within all cards issued by the MIT Card Office.”

“Mr. Stallman is a very vocal critic of governmental tracking and sees MIT as an extension of the U.S. government. He also believes MIT, as an academic institution, should be a model of openness.”

Richard Stallman’s loud objections will seem like drug-addled lunacy to future generations. Few will know that Stallman was sober as a judge when he voiced his objections, and that his argumentation made perfect sense. At the time.

I dare not predict what will happen to the “beautiful minds” of those who “think different” in academia.

UPDATE: “Untreated schizophrenia almost always leads to violent behavior” wrote Mother Jones senior editorial fellow Cameron Scott in the MoJo Blog.

The point of his rant was that as “long as guns are easier to get than mental health care, we will continue to have tragedies like” the Virginia Tech massacre. But he evidently didn’t check his facts about schizophrenia. Consulting with an expert or two in the field of psychology might have helped him to make a more accurate diagnosis.


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