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April 16, 2007

on policy and satire

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A few words on Google Reader Shared Items.

I wrote in an earlier blog entry…

My criterion for selecting an item to share is simple.

1. It’s compatible with my point of view.
2. It interests me.

I’ll share an item even if I don’t agree with it–if it interests me.

This is also my policy for The Tackboard.

And now a few words about satire, irony, ranting, hyperbole and diatribe.

I wrote in an earlier blog entry…

“A good place to start looking for those planeloads of missing $100 bills is the Republican National Committee. Many of the White House’s daily operations seem to be conducted there.”

It was intended to be a witticism about sleaze in high places. I wasn’t formally accusing the Republican National Committee of stealing $12 billion in Iraq. You shouldn’t always take everything that I say literally.


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