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April 13, 2007

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¤ Senators become Full-Time Candidates
    [New York Times]
¤ Deepak Chopra: Jesus Mystery (Part 5)
    [Huffington Post]
¤ Cartoon by Andrew Bell

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the I-man cometh

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Don Quixote and his faithful companion Sancho Panza… banished from the airwaves? Is this the end? Will the truth at long last kill the Man of La Mancha?

Has anyone mentioned the possibility that Don Imus and his faithful companion Charles McCord might end up on satellite radio? It’s a paid subscription service. 100% commercial-free. No sponsors to panic. And no FCC.

Or maybe Imus can broadcast from a 100,000 watt station in Tijuana. That’s where gravel-voiced disc jockey Wolfman Jack went into exile to spin his “obscene” rock and roll records–back in the day.

Maybe Imus could do internet radio on a gambling barge three miles out to sea. Or from an Amsterdam bordello and marijuana “coffee shop.” The smoke might bother him. “Is that a contact high or have you stopped breathing?”, Charles might ask him.

Harry Shearer didn’t demand a show of his own at MSNBC while being interviewed by Keith Olbermann on Countdown today about the Imus brouhaha. Harry was just being polite–the U.S. Constitution REALLY DOES give Harry the right to have a show on MSNBC.

His subtle hint probably went WHOOOOSH right over their heads when he jokingly threatened to sue MSNBC.

I’m thinking 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. Eastern time would be a good slot for him.

Gwen Ifill–newly poached from PBS–could read the news from seven to eight in the morning. And then from eight to nine she could interview newsmakers. She has lots of experience.

Maybe take a picture of Don Imus dressed up like a cleaning lady and put the picture on the label of his wife Deidre’s Greening the Cleaning line of cleaning products.

I think that his rival on the radio the Greaseman is funnier. However, I wouldn’t recommend that MSNBC hire the Greaseman. He’d probably say something stupid and get fired, too. Just a matter of time.

UPDATE: I’d enjoy watching Gwen Ifill kick Anderson Cooper’s butt every weekday. Forgot to mention that.

UPDATE 2: “Tim, we didn’t hear that much from you.” Gwen Ifill went on NBC-TV’s Meet the Press yesterday and said those words to Tim Russert point blank. She’d take his place as moderator of Meet the Press if it were up to me.

the tackboard (v.0.1.45)

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¤ Harry Shearer: Wolfowitz buried under Imus
    [Huffington Post]
¤ World Bank axes condoms in Africa
¤ Reading Vonnegut in high school

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