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April 12, 2007

another info dump

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Quote of the Day.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is quoted by the subscription-only Wall Street Journal as saying:

“You’re going to be up against people who have an opinion, a modem, and a bathrobe. All of my life, developing credentials to cover my field of work, and now I’m up against a guy named Vinny in an efficiency apartment in the Bronx who hasn’t left the efficiency apartment in two years.”

Brian Williams can stop sucking up to Don Imus now.

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish at The Atlantic Online for the quote.

Wired has published the lament of Brian’s soul-mate… The Blogosphere, Where a Tawdry Culture Goes to Die by Tony Long. Also known as the Luddite.

Scott Horton of Harper’s Magazine has written the Kafkaesque true story Photojournalist Completes One Year in U.S. Military Custody in Iraq. “Bilal Hussein belonged to a team of Associated Press photographers who received the profession’s highest award–the Pulitzer Prize–for their coverage of fighting in the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2005. One year ago today he was seized by U.S. Forces in Iraq. He has been held in continuous custody since that time. No formal charges have ever been brought against him.”

Tom Englehardt’s Tomdispatch offers Will American Bombs Kill My Iranian Dream? by Behzad Yaghmaian. The Coalition of the Willing should have encouraged a People Power revolution in Iran. Most Iranians just want to watch football (soccer) on wide screen TVs. They resent the fundamentalists who smash their satellite dishes and shut down their internet cafes at the behest of the government. They’re uneasy about becoming a nuclear power and worried about the economy. Unfortunately, if their country is hit by U.S. jets and cruise missiles, the result will be one hell of a mess. The Holocaust deniers will be more powerful than ever.

Librarian Who Resisted FBI Says Patriot Act Invades Privacy has been filed by Andrew Miga of the Associated Press.

The editorial page of The Washington Post sucks. But the reporters on the front page are cranking out reams of great stuff. For example, Reluctant Reformers: House Hesitates on Ethics Changes. “On Enforcement, Some Lawmakers Favor the Status Quo.” By Staff Writer Elizabeth Williamson.


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