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April 11, 2007

the last Democrat (part 3)

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Part three of the last Democrat.

Bill Richardson is getting things done in North Korea. He’s the only presidential candidate who would get out of Iraq. The withdrawl plans of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards are half-assed.

Which is not to mention Joe Biden–who wants to send U.S. troops to Darfur–and Christopher Dodd–who declared his candidacy on the Imus in the Morning show.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the elf Dennis Kucinich. That’s because he has no chance of winning. He and former child star Gary Coleman–who ran for governor of California and lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger by a few million votes–should do a reality TV show. They could live together in a house full of cameras–with stripper politician Mary Carey. They could all hang in the kitchen and talk about what they’d do if they were in charge of the USA. Call the show Kitchen Cabinet.

Score One For Bill Richardson
[The Hotline]


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