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April 2, 2007

snipers & character assassination

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Pertinent links:

CNN: Military Sources Respond To McCain’s Escalation Remark
With “Laughter Down The Line”

[Think Progress]
A Sunday Stroll in Iraq’s Capital
McCain Strolls Through Baghdad Market, Accompanied By
100 Soldiers, 3 Blackhawks, 2 Apache Gunships

[Think Progress]
NBC Reporter: “Paris Hilton Could Ride A Bicycle In A Bikini
Through Anbar” With McCain’s Protection

[Think Progress]
Drudge Smears CNN’s Michael Ware As Alcoholic
Activist, Ware Responds

[Think Progress]
Who’s Gunning for Michael Ware?
[MoJo Blog]
Snipers return to McCain’s Baghdad market
[Think Progress]

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say
[New York Times]


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