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March 9, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.1 beta)

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¤ Troop Surge Balloons in Cost and Numbers
    [Associated Press]
¤ Bush Tied to FBI Lawbreaking
¤ Microsoft Exec Attacks Google
    [O’Reilly Radar]
¤ The Economics of Online Advertising
    [O’Reilly Radar]
¤ Financial Times gets with the Program

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yet another list

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Leo Laporte is #47 on the PC World 50 Most Important People on the Web list.

Cory Doctorow didn’t make the list. Also oddly missing are Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

I’d love to see Leo Laporte take over at Microsoft. He could bring his friend “Giz Wiz” Dick DeBartolo along.

Then DeBartolo and his cohorts from MAD magazine could create a web-based interactive role playing game.

I’ve always wanted to have a beer at a seedy bar with a 400 pound chimp organ grinder in the conceptual universe of cartoonist Sergio Aragon├ęs. Laporte and DeBartolo could make this happen.

Sadly, we must see the world as it is–and not as we’d like it to be. Gates and Ballmer belong on the list.

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