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March 8, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.0 beta)

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¤ It’s Not Just Walter Reed
¤ Administration caves on U.S. Attorney law
    [Think Progress]
¤ FEMA Taking Hit on Sale of Surplus Trailers
    [Washington Post]
¤ Harry Shearer: Times-Picayune Predicts Future Again
    [Huffington Post]
¤ 2007 U.S. Congress Pig Book Summary
    [Citizens Against Government Waste]
¤ Art Review: Robert Rauschenberg Exhibit
    [New York Times]
¤ Sony Clone: A Better Second Life?
    [Second Life Herald]

More headlines are at my Google Reader Shared Items webpage.


cat cam

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Lately I’ve been concerned about the security of my cat. She could be vunerable to terrorist attack. So I decided to install security cameras to protect her safety. She really appreciates my thoughtfulness–as you can plainly see.


change is good

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I’ve permanently removed my Google Reader Shared Items from this blog. I’ve moved them to another location.

From now on I’ll be posting a handmade list of news links to this blog every day. You can read it using RSS if you like.

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