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March 31, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.24)

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¤ Obama’s Second Life
    [The Caucus]
¤ Gitmo Kangaroo Court for Aussie
    [Daily Kos]
¤ Cartoon by Lore Sjoberg
    [Slumbering Lungfish]

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hell’s bureaucrats

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The stuff that they do on the Daily Show isn’t even an exaggeration. It’s an understatement.

I can easily imagine the Daily Show’s Samantha Bee performing a parody of Fish and Wildlife Service Assistant Secretary Julie MacDonald.

I can see her in my mind’s eye tormenting scientists and researchers that she obviously does not respect and is incapable of understanding.

She’s their superior at the the Fish and Wildlife Service. There she is at her desk happily sending an e-mail to her 13 year-old online games buddy.

Sometimes she glances up from the keyboard with a faint scowl on her face. She feels put upon. In the room with her are a whole bunch of distractions.

Someone wants to talk to her about an endangered smelt. A smelt, can you believe it? Someone else wants to talk about some endangered bird. A flycatcher! Oh bother!

March 30, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.23)

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¤ Stem-cell research timeline
    [National Public Radio]
¤ U.S. military damaged
¤ Clapton’s Chicago Crossroads gig
    [BBC News]

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March 29, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.22)

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¤ Dissecting $3 Trillion Budget
    [National Public Radio]
¤ Democrats Building Unity on Iraq Pullout
    [New York Times]
¤ Hey, newspapers, quit whining!
    [Online Journalism Review]

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March 28, 2007

revoke the credit card

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I praised the Support Our Troops tax proposal of $50 billion per year for 5 years in Lieberman’s brain. And I suggested that this new tax should be combined with a proposal to balance the federal budget.

I forgot to mention why I praised these proposals. How long do you think a pay-as-you-go war would last?

the tackboard (v.0.1.21)

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¤ Fitzgerald hosts Gonzales confrontation
    [New York Times]
¤ Day Care Study Results Distorted
¤ Cory Doctorow is a Superhero
    [Electronic Frontier Foundation]

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March 27, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.20)

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¤ Middle Class Katrina Victim Neglected
¤ Democratic Party bled by consultants
    [The Plank]
¤ Evolution of digital art

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March 26, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.19)

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¤ Senate needs campaign finance reform
    [New York Times]
¤ War on Drugs ally aided smugglers
    [Guardian Unlimited]
¤ Campus birth control costs skyrocket
    [MoJo Blog]

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March 25, 2007

the tackboard (v.0.1.18)

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¤ Pics of Deadbeat Dads on Pizza Boxes
    [Associated Press]
¤ Wii: The Next Generation
¤ Tom Engelhardt: A modestly dispiriting protest
¤ Book Review: Blackwater
    [Daily Kos]

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Lieberman’s brain

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He vowed to bring morality to government when he was Al Gore’s running mate. Joe Lieberman could learn a lot from Deepak Chopra.

Be that as it may, Lieberman’s brain is showing signs of activity. He has proposed a Support our Troops Tax of $50 billion per year for 5 years.

Combine his proposal with a push by Senate Democrats to balance the budget by 2012–and you’ve got fully functioning synapses.

Why should your grandchildren have to pay for the mistakes of George W. Bush? The U.S. is borrowing to pay the interest on the National Debt. The interest for fiscal 2006 was $405.9 billion. The National Debt is currently $8.8 trillion.

Bill Clinton balanced the budget. He’d just started to pay off the National Debt when he left office. Something to keep in mind on Election Day.

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