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February 23, 2007

the last Democrat

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Check out the blogroll of the Bill Richardson for President Exploratory Committee. Atrios, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Lefty Blogs, Latino Pundit, among others. This crew doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the likes of Bill Donohue. Not yet, anyway.

Richardson says that the next President of the United States must:

– get the U.S. out of Iraq
– restore the USA’s standing in the world
– bring the country together
– start reversing Global Warming
– make progress on energy independence
– make a commitment to renewable sources of energy
– make our economy work for the middle class
– start creating good paying jobs
– provide health insurance for all Americans
– pass comprehensive immigration reform

There are other items of interest at his website, such as some words about his recent trip to Darfur.

He may be the last Democrat standing when the primaries are over next year. Who knows? It’s not too soon to get in on the ground floor of his campaign.


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