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January 26, 2007

strange Apple madness

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I’m a member in good standing again. It has been five years since I first dual booted into Linux Potato on an external hard disk connected to the SCSI port of a PowerMac G3. The result was much weirdness using the GIMP.

These days I run the GIMP on Apple X11. No Linux is needed. However, I’m planning to make the n800 and the G4 Mac mini work together in other ways.

A highly portable $99 Apple product called Airport Express will allow me to wirelessly connect the n800 to broadband in the home… I think.

Mooching free public wifi hotspots can get tiresome. How long can you nurse a cup of lukewarm cappuccino in a coffee house?

That said, I hasten to add that the city of Riverside, California is quite progressive. There’s free wifi for everyone throughout much of downtown, including the public library. But what to do when the library closes?

So $99 is a good investment. Eventually I’ll probably get a Skype account so I can use the n800 to make long distance phone calls in the home. Because making phone calls in the library is totally uncool.


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