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January 23, 2007

it’s fun to stay at the PMCA

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Now you’re masquerading as pale powdered genius
Whose ever bad intention has been purged
You could’ve walked out any time you wanted but face it you
Didn’t have the courage
I guess that makes you a full time hypocrite or some kind of
Twisted dilettante
Funny though people don’t usually get so ugly til they think
They know what they want
Scratch your own head stupid
Count up to three
Roll over on your back
Repeat after me
Don’t you know how to be dumb?
Are you ready to take your place in the modern museum of mistakes?
Don’t you know how to be dumb?
Like a building thrown up overnight in one of those reverse earthquakes

Elvis Costello penned those lyrics for a song on the wonderful Mighty Like a Rose CD.

Remembering to give him due credit for his lyrics reminded me that I’m planning to visit the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) for the first time in early March.

Maybe someday in the far future my artworks will be on display there. Maybe not.


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