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January 21, 2007

my kingdom for a wifi hotspot

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Purchased a Nokia n800 at CompUSA in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

The good news is that it works. The main program for doodling is called Sketch. It’s in the Utilities directory for some reason. The image quality is better than I’d expected.

You can smooth a line-drawing considerably by exporting the PNG image file to your PC and then reducing the image size by half using a program like GIMP.

Even at full size, the lines look smoother than I thought they would. The amount of jitter is about the same as it would be if I were doodling with a ballpoint pen on a small notepad. The stylus is considerably smaller than a pen but I had no difficulties using it.

The average PNG file size isn’t too porky for the web.

The bad news is that there are a lot of rough edges. If you’re expecting something slick like the iPhone, you’d better stay away from the n800.

A fair amount of functionality is currently nonexistent on this device. For example, you can’t capture a still snapshot taken by the webcam. It can only be used for web conferencing.

Sketch won’t read an image file that’s generated outside the program–unless you trick Sketch by renaming the image file a certain way.

The name has to look something like this:


And so forth. I’m pretty sure that the format has to be PNG. GIF or JPG won’t do.

You can rename an image file in the n800 using the text-only X windows terminal. However, I haven’t gotten around to playing with xterm yet. For now I’m importing suitably renamed image files from my Mac mini via USB.


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