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January 17, 2007

obsessively stalking a techno toy

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This Google Video about the N800’s physical design is much better than Nokia’s own documentation. Reggie Suplido of Internet Tablet Talk reveals the location and purpose of the unit’s various mysterious workings. A good investment of five minutes and 22 seconds of your life.

StarryHope blog says there are 10 ways the Nokia N800 is better than Apple’s iPhone.

It was rumored in August 2005 that Cisco wanted to acquire Nokia. That didn’t happen. However, this press release from April 2006 suggests the two corporations have common interests. What if Apple loses its lawsuit against Cisco, and shortly thereafter Nokia’s Linux Internet Tablet is named the iPhone with Cisco’s blessings?

Mac OS X and the N800 aren’t totally incompatible… yet. It’s possible to flash the latest Nokia image with Tiger. Not for the faint of heart.


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