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January 10, 2007

apple ink

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Cory Doctorow says that he has “a Mac tattooed on [his] right bicep.” However, like some other Apple gurus, he’s “fed up with proprietary Mac file-formats and the increasing use of DRM technologies in the Mac OS.” So last July he decided to switch to a Lenovo ThinkPad T60p running Ubuntu Linux.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have advised him to choose a Nokia N800 Linux Internet Tablet rather than an Apple iPhone. At least Nokia isn’t marketing the N800 as a cellphone substitute. Which is ironic–and a mite confusing–because Nokia is a manufacturer of cellphones. Whereas Apple is–or was until recently–a manufacturer of computers.

The N800 runs on software that’s being developed by an impressive open source project called Maemo.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t easily walk away from the Macintosh and OS X. Proprietary software like Corel Painter runs best on a Mac. In fact, there’s no Linux version of Painter.

That said, I’m sorely tempted to buy an N800. It has a stylus. The iPhone doesn’t. It has a bigger screen. And it costs less.

Using a Nokia Internet Tablet to create small line drawings is a fad amongst a certain set of digital artists. It must be quite a challenge. The result looks like this and this.

I’d probably play with Tux Paint. It’s a program that’s intended for small children. Just my speed.

I suppose with an iPhone I could possibly do finger painting.


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